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Search Engine Optimization

Search Marketing provides opportunities for brands to create acquisitions (sales, leads, inquiries etc), and help consumers to engage with your brand exploring your corporate web site, building intent and driving people further along their user journey towards that valuable first sale.

Inbound Marketing

Why employ a search engine optimization (SEO) company?

• 80% of all online transactions start with a keyword typing into search engine

• Google handles several hundred million searches a day

• Most people never get past the first page of results

Get Found with Search Marketing

Our innovate SEO technology together with unique software developed by in-house team of programmers and outsourcing location (our HQ based in Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk) allows us to offer services at comparably low prices.

Low minimal budget – starting at just $399. See price factors.

Your site will start rank in just 3-4 month. Some agencies offer even faster results, but they risk getting your site under penalty from search engine.

Results stability. Google is announcing great algorithmic changes twice a year. To stay on top we must always innovate and adjust our SEO strategy. And that is exactly what we are doing at Intlab.

Increasing your sales - that is our primary goal. First thing we do starting new campaign – carefully picking keywords that trigger sales.

Here at Intlab we believe in long-time partnership. That’s why we want your site to be effective in producing sales.

Face to face client meetings quarterly or more frequently dependent on your needs.

Our professional team will improve your organic visibility in Google, Yahoo and Bing to get people engaged with your brand and monitor the results.

What impacts on your optimal SEO budget

1. Amount of competitors in your niche running active SEO campaign.

2. Your niche type. Here are a few examples of difficult niche: “buy laptop”, “weight loss”, “web hosting”.

3. Site age, size and other characteristics.

4. Site reputation on Internet. Number of responses, comments, posts and links to your site.

5. Number and competitiveness of selected keywords.

With rapid evolution now baked in to search and social environments, our approach to SEO is built on a unique blend of business processes, best practice, clear process and ingrained innovation, providing maximum value and measurable results.